Posted by: Lauren | April 10, 2012

Garden news

How long since we last posted from the garden? We had soooo much to do preparing for the Easter bank holiday! Any-hoo… We are in good spirits although the cold weather is now hard to adjust to after some scorching days. We’ve been pruning mop-head and lace-cap Hydrangeas, at the same time as weeding, mulching and mowing in the top garden. Certain areas of grassland has been mown including the village, drive, churchyard paths, and Pantheon bank. And the Walled garden of course where we’ve also been sowing seeds and planting out broad beans. Our volunteer handy-man Phil has installed new benches and we’ve done weeding en mass.

Spring-time decorations have gone into the restaurant, shop, visitor reception and the temple of Flora – new for this year. We collected material from all over the garden and willow from the estate, which we ‘stole’ from an obliging bumblebee. Above the oak patch, far side of the lake, we’ve planted a group of large-leaved Rhododendrons and a swathe of foxgloves. Some young plants of the early introduced Rhododendron edgeworthii are too small to plant out so are in the pinetum nursery. As the Magnolias are flowering so well this year slate signs have been put out to help with their identification. Matt and George put out wooden plaques for a spring tree trail on Thursday to further aid curious minds who want to know more about our plant collection.

That’s all our recent news – I promise to write more frequently! Em

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