Posted by: Lauren | April 20, 2012

Our new ‘Big Belly’ solar-powered bin!

Our Spread Eagle Courtyard was once home to 3 very plain, average rubbish bins….

However, they have now been replaced by 1 brand-new solar powered Big Belly compacting bin!

It is very high-tech and eye-catching – one visitor even mistook it for a cash machine!

Our ranger Tam, who is also lead on all of our environmental work and practices, has explained what the bin is all about and how it works:

‘The bin is 100% solar-powered. 8 hours of daylight (whatever the strength!) will keep the bin working for about a month. When the rubbish bin reaches a certain level, sensors activate the compressor which compacts the rubbish inside the bin. While this is happening, the bin can still be used as normal. This process reduces the frequency of emptying as it can take 5-8 times more rubbish than a regular bin. Small flashing lights on the top of the bin indicate when it needs to be emptied. A huge thanks goes to our raffle team, and to all those who have bought raffle tickets, for making this possible.’

In a couple of weeks we will have 3 more of these bins for recylcing – one for glass, one for plastic bottles and one for cans. We will also be installing a further 4 outside the restaurant, when the resurfacing work has been completed.

Hurray for Big Belly!

Find out more about these bins at

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