Who we are

We are the team of gardeners, house and visitor experience staff who look after Stourhead. Watch this space for updates of who we all are and what our jobs entail…



  1. Hello,

    I’m a 3rd year BSC Landscape Management student at Writtle college in Essex,
    As part of my course this year i have to look into an historic landscape and discuss the retoration that has occured in the garden and also what is planned for the future. I also have to comment on the factors that effect restoration, for instance sourcing funding or public opposition etc.

    This seems a very appropriate place to try and gain infomation about it as i guess you guys see it all first hand and work with projects everyday.

    Any help would be brilliant.


    Edd Mowbray

    • Hi Edd,

      What a fascinating course you are studying! I will try my best to help you here. It may take little time to get the info together- you maybe best to give the estte office a call and we can chat in more detail.



      • Hi Rachel,

        I will give the estate office a call tommorrow and see if i can gather more infomation about what is happening.

        Thanks for your help


  2. Hello! you’re doing great job!

    I’m Korean student stuying landscape design.

    Stourhead Garden MUST be great place!

    Can I get some map images on the e-mail? I want know about stourhead.

    Please send me a e-mail with some maps about stourhead attached.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Simon,

      Thank you! I will pass the message around the team.
      I have sent you a copy of mp of the gardens- it is very basic but gives you the rough layout of where everything is on the wider estate. If you are doing a specific project, we maybe able to help provide further information. If you were able to drop me an email with some details, that would be great.


      • Hi, Rachel!

        It’s very kind you to help me. I appreciate all your help.

        Actually I’m studying landscape history in this semester.

        And the final project is making some model.

        So I need some maps including contour lines and constructions’ location.

        Oh, maybe tearsoff@naver.com mail dosen’t work, please send me this adress. tearsoff@snu.ac.kr

        It is my student mail.

        Thank you again.

        with best regard,


      • Hi Simon,

        Thank you for the further information. I can now pass this round the team to see if anyone can help.

        It may take a little time to get the information together as quite a few people are taking their Christmas break, so I ‘ll get back in touch early in the New Year.

        Have a good festive break.


  3. Hi,

    I recently saw the painting ‘Victory of Faith’ at the National Gallery of Victoria by St George Hare and note that Stourhead seems to have the largest collection of his other works. I have seen several of the collection online, but is there anywhere I can view them all?

    Kind Regards,


    • Hi Shane

      Thank you for your question. The St. George Hare collection are all on display in the House- in the entrance hall and saloon. the House re-opens on the 13th March.

      Are you based in Australia? If so, then I guess it could be quite difficult to arrange a visit. If you are unable to mke that visit in person, get in contct and we can arrange something.


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